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Want to create a fully online business that attracts clients consistently?

Use my MAGNETIC framework to build your brand & convert your Instagram followers to clients.

Dear Dreamer,

You're about to hear a strange, but completely true story of how a waitress quit her job on New Years Day and developed a framework that now helps dozens of people create profitable businesses. 

It has the power to make anyone a client magnet in 6 weeks or less.

In fact, I've used this framework to...

  • Escape a job that I wasn't in love with & start a business where I make money having fun and being creative, all while helping people


  • Go from posting on social media because my family around the world "didn't know what I was up to" to growing my following to over 1K in less than 3 months


  • Get my first client from Instagram with just 100 followers


  • Create an offer and sell that offer to my *dream* client


  • Have the confidence in marketing my business with ease every day


  • Build a business that makes 7K a month in less than a year

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Rochell Smith, Relationship Coach

Founder of Your True Living

Hi, I'm Liz and I'm a marketing coach

I coach men & women around the world on how to start their online businesses, create irresistible offers, and scale their business to the next income level.


I've been privileged with the ability to be my own boss, have financial freedom, all while helping thousands of people.

But it wasn't always this way...

Just a year ago I worked as a server and had people yelling at me all day because their food was "too cold, too hot, or not like their grandma made it". They do know I didn't cook the food, right?

But anyway, I was making decent money but I was completely exhausted from being on my feet all day and carrying 60 pound trays. Plus I knew I was meant for more than bringing people their food and cleaning up their mess.

So on New Years Day... I quit. 

I started my own online business as a copywriter. 

AND it tanked.

I spend months cold emailing people trying to get work.

I have a good service to provide, but you see the problem was that I had no brand and no marketing strategy.

I was talking all day and no one was listening.

Sound familiar? 

Don't worry.

It's not your fault.

They didn't teach us how to be authentic & build a brand online.

According to Forbes...

In 2019, 90% of small businesses fail..p

And so it continued...

I would wake up every day and email 20-50 people a day.

I tried posting about my business.

I watched hours & hours of YouTube videos, downloaded freebies, and listened to podcasts.


I watched what all the "experts" were doing and I still wasn't sure where to start.


I spend 5 months like this.


I new if something doesn't change I was going to be sitting on my couch for the rest of my life...


.. and know I was a liar when I told people I'm a business owner" because to have a business it needs to be making you money... and I had NONE. 

The Bottom Line Was This:

I was FRUSTRATED about being busy all day and not making any money.

I was FRUSTRATED by not having a structure to follow that would help me be successful.

I was FRUSTRATED about not having time for anything because I was so busy working on my "business".

I was FRUSTRATED about always trying to find the right way to present my business, but no one hearing me anyway.

I was FRUSTRATED by being overwhelmed by all the knowledge out there, but not being able to take immediate action because it was never clear.

I was FRUSTRATED by not knowing where to start.

I was done being frustrated.

So I created my MAGNETIC framework.

And I used it to get my first client from Instagram at 100 followers.

Then I got my 2nd client one week later at 200 followers.

I signed my third client another week after that at 300 followers...

... AND SO ON.

YEP, within 6 weeks I went from frustrated about 0 clients to having consistent clients every month.

If you've never heard of the Magnetic framework, let me explain how it works...

You don't need to send out cold emails or DMs.

You don't need to work 8, 10, or 12 hours a day.

You don't need to wonder where o start.

You need to, first, get your messaging clear so your dream client understands why they NEED to work with you.

Then you need a way to get warm leads ready to buy constantly flowing into your business.

And finally, you need to convert those warm leads into paying clients.

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Alexandra Lith, Marketing Consultant

Founder of Erudite Social


A do-at-your-own-pace program designed to build your business, brand, and marketing skills and put you on the fast track to signing consistent dream clients.

Unlike other marketing programs...

  • There isn't a ton of homework that will leave you busy for the next month. I want to guide you in the right direction to start getting clients ASAP.

  • There aren't hours of videos to watch. The entire program is less than 2 hours of video. I get to the point quickly and make it simple for you to know what action to take.

  • You won't hear me talking about myself for the first 2 hours of the program. This isn't about me. It's about you building a strong foundation, getting clear on your messaging, and getting clients.

  • You won't be constantly busy. You'll know exactly what to work on each week in your business to become a client magnet.


Week 1: Create your unique personal brand


Get clear on your mission as a brand and what you stand for. You will use this in everything you say and do for your business. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. So what do you want them to think and feel?

Week 2: Get to [really] know your target audience


If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one. You'll get really clear on who you’re talking to when you talk about your offer. So you can have this person in mind anytime you put out anything for your business. This person is your ideal client. If you talk to them, they will respond. 


Week 3: Niche the fuck down


Niching down helps you have a specific skill you monetize. Being a generalist isn’t as profitable. Think of a neurosurgeon. She makes more money than a general family doctor because she has a specific skill that allows her to work with only the brain. Be a specialist. 


Week 4: Monetize your IG


You’re on IG. So you should be making money off it. Learn a content strategy that will help you make sales on Instagram. Learn how I grew my following by 1,000 followers every 3 months and how I turn those followers into PAYING clients. 


Week 5: Lead magnet strategy


Leads are the most important thing in your business. If you can get warm leads who are ready to buy... then making the sale is easy! Learn my lead magnet strategy so you have people interested in your offer every day.

Week 6: My Fail-Proof Copywriting Strategy to Convert


Learn how to write anything that makes your audience takes action. I use copywriting in everything I do- from my website, emails, and even social media. Copywriting is the key to conversion. 

But that's not all...


  • How to be authentically you & make money doing it

  • How to find out exactly what your clients want from you before you create anything

  • What to say to have your dream client saying "this is exactly what I need!!"

  • My favorite Instagram hacks

  • Step by step guide on how to write a landing & sales page to convert visitors to clients

At this point, you should be jumping out of your seat with excitement about never feeling frustrated again and becoming a client magnet.

Because this program is one of a kind.

It's easy to follow...

... and it's efficient.

It has literally changed my life & the lives of dozens of my clients.

This program will change your business & your life too.

But don't take my word for it.

Here's what my clients have to say...