The Client Magnet Club

Go from frustrated to MAGNETIC with my step-by-step strategy on attracting your ideal client and building your brand.


Are you working tirelessly on your business every day and not getting clients?


Do you have random nightmare clients that talk your price all the way down and want the world for it?


Are you frustrated with creating content without a strategy and not generating leads for your business?


Are you overwhelmed, but not making consistent money in your business?


Do you find yourself pitching your services day in and day out just to hear crickets?


I get it.


I was you.


I worked day and night on my business, but I was only getting random clients here and there. I created content, but I was only getting likes and no engagement. I was tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated because my business was in a standstill.


I KNEW I could provide a great service, but I didn’t know how to get people to SEE my brand as an authority. 


Until I realized I need a STRATEGY.


Imagine going from frustrated to magnetic and attract your dream clients.

Stop working for free.

When you could:

  • Have a personal authentic and magnetic brand that shows your unique personality


  • Get to know your target audience so you can speak to them every time you write or talk for your business


  • Niche down so your ideal client can say “this is exactly what I need!”


  • Have a content strategy that speaks to your ideal client and has them reaching out with questions about your offer


  • Use copywriting in anything you write to have your audience take action


  • Have a lead magnet that builds trust with your audience


That's how you can attract your dream client into your biz.


Get clarity, guidance, and support to grow your business


She got the clarity she needed to build a foundation in her business. She received the guidance and support she needed to create her dream business.

Inside the Client Magnet Club

Week 1: Create your unique personal brand


This step helps you get clear on your mission as a brand and what you stand for. You will use this in everything you say and do for your business. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. So what do you want them to think and feel?


Week 2: Get to [really] know your target audience


If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one. We’ll get really clear on who you’re talking to when you talk about your offer. So you can have this person in mind anytime you put out anything for your business. This person is your ideal client. If you talk to them, they will respond. 


Week 3: Niche the fuck down


Niching down helps you have a specific skill you monetize. Being a generalist isn’t as profitable. Think of a neurosurgeon. She makes more money than a general family doctor because she has a specific skill that allows her to work with only the brain. Be a specialist. 


Week 4: Monetize your IG


You’re on IG. So you should be making money off it. Learn a content strategy that will help you make sales on Instagram. Learn how I grew my following to over 900 followers in under 3 months and how I turn those followers into PAYING clients. 


Week 5: Lead magnet strategy


You can educate and inspire people every day. They will know and like you. But how you do get someone to trust you? You give away SOO much free value that they will be sure you are the right person for them. 

Week 6: Copywriting strategy


Learn how to write anything that makes your audience takes action. I use copywriting in everything I do- from my website, emails, and even social media. Copywriting is the key to conversion. 


  • Monday to Friday support from me the entire 6 weeks.


  • Weekly group 60 minute consulting calls


  • Being part of a Club of motivated entrepreneurs working toward the same goal.


  • Full access to a private Facebook page


So, are you ready to go from frustrated to magnetic?

But don’t take it from me…

Here's what my clients have to say.

I've always struggled with Instagram. Usually, I've started an account and let it die out pretty quickly. I'd been following Liz for a while and saw that she was growing fast. I'm creating a lot of awareness with my Instagram page now, and am posting consistently with valuable content.

I got very practical advice from Liz on how she engages with her ideal audience,  and how she sets up her content pillars and hashtag strategy. I understand a lot of features I never quite got before, so the whole thing makes much more sense.

Liz supported me while I built my Instagram page from scratch. She helped me understand Instagram insights and explained all her strategies for growth. I asked questions and she answered them all transparently and to the point. My page is getting more awareness than any Instagram account I've had in the past, and I'm excited to watch it grow.



Before I started working with Liz, my business was chaotic unfocused. I had no clear service offering or target audience.. I struggled with what exactly I wanted to offer and who my target audience was.

NOW my business feels clear and I have a strong foundation. I know exactly how I differentiate from the other marketing companies.

After working with Liz I I have a full setup proposal letter. And I feel good about it.

She have me 4 steps that were clear and easy to follow.

Liz is amazing. She is attentive and knows how to guide you when in a creative space. She has knowledge and perspective that help you understand what to do next and you feel safe to share your feelings/struggles.


Investment to become a client magnet: 


Option 1: I payment of  $647


Option 2: 2 payments of $324


If you sign up to the waitlist NOW you also get a $150 60 minute 1:1 consultation for FREE with me at any time throughout the program where you can ask me all your questions face to face.


If you’re ready to change your life and your business the Client Magnet Club is for you. You can have the business of your dreams. You can work with ideal clients who value your work and pay good money for your services. You can sell without ever cold pitching or feeling salesy again!

I can't wait to see you become a client magnet and be an entrepreneur success story.