7 Ways Health & Wellness Business Owners Can Attract New Patients Through Copywriting

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Your website is the face of your company. If you want your business to be successful and grow- you need to have a website that entices clients. According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of people research a product online before purchasing it. The same goes for Americans Googling healthcare topics- which is at 80%. This means that patients are searching the internet on how to diagnose and treat their symptoms. If you want your clinic to be the first search result you need to have a well-optimized website.

Below are seven ways you can attract new patients to your practice through targeted copywriting today.

Keyword Rich Content

In today’s modern society, we Google every symptom we have. You know you’ve done it! “Hey, Google, how do I cure a stuffy nose?” This was the number one searched healthcare topic in Florida last year. Our phones are always at our fingertips to answer these questions for us. This is important for you because if you are a doctor or clinic who knows how to cure a stuffy nose- you want to be the first result in the Google search to answer that question.

This is the beauty of keyword-rich content. For patients to find your website, you need to have content with “stuffy nose, nasal congestion, and runny nose” keywords, as well as “stuffy nose treatment, stuffy nose causes, and nasal congestion remedy” long-tail keywords. These are the things your patients are searching for. And if these are the things you treat- you want to let them know!

By having keyword-rich content, you prove your expertise to patients who are searching for answers. This builds trust with new patients, generating leads and new connections.

Just make sure to avoid keyword stuffing. A topic for another day. But for now, I'll say don't sound like a robot who says "stuff nose" every other sentence. Essentially, we're writing for people, not for Google. Write something people will want to read.

Write About Common [High-Paying] Health Issues

We’ve established you want to write about topics potential patients are searching for. However, you also want to write about money generating procedures. Usually, these are common medical concerns affecting most Americans. Patients want to know how to diagnose their condition and how you can help them treat it. They want to be convinced that they can trust you, that you care, and that you are knowledgable in their specific condition.

You can’t get doctors to do this. Doctors are busy seeing patients and filling out electronic patient records. They don’t want to be writing content for the clinic website or learning SEO. This is why you need an expert healthcare content writer to write targeted content for your website if you want to attract new patients.

Let the writers do their job, so the doctors can do theirs by treating all the new patients that come into your clinic.

Easy to Understand Language

Medical jargon is boring and difficult to understand. Most people who read your medical practice website are not experts in the medical field, but they have medical questions they need help understanding. In order for the content to be easy to understand, it has to be written by someone to understands it. As Einstein put it, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” You need authoritative text written in a language that speaks to your audience!

This means the writing should be well researched and backed by reputable references. At the same time, a good writer can make any topic, even a medical topic, interesting to read. Write engaging content on a topic people care about.

Interesting Health Topics

Write about topics your patients care about. Do research on keywords and highly searched queries related to the services you provide. Make this content easy to read by breaking up content using headings, bullet points, and quotes. Provide anchor links for people who want more information about a specific topic to other pages on your website to drive more traffic.

Most importantly, answer the question. Be concise, clear and informative. You want to gain the patients’ trust by showing them you are an expert in their condition and you can help treat them better than someone else.

Use Social Media

Don’t underestimate the wonderful world of social media. Facebook is no longer a place just for college students. My little sister is on Facebook, and so is my grandma. There is a Facebook group for almost anything. If you like to cook- there’s a Facebook group for that. Like fast sports-cars- there’s a Facebook group for that. Businesses have Facebook pages to inform customers about their services. A Facebook page is similar to a group, but is aimed at telling people about your business and the services you provide.

Make a Facebook page for your medical clinic. Post daily, or even weekly content about health topics that interest your followers. Post patient stories, testimonials, or pictures of your beautiful office to draw in readers and, in turn, new patients.

Target Millennials

Young people today are proactive about their health. They want to know about preventative measures they can take today to ensure their wellbeing in the future. With all the healthcare advancements out there, young people want to learn and take advantage of anything that can make us feel better- and keep us healthy.

Write targeted content for millennials about wellness practices your clinic offers. Young adults want to know about possible testing available, diagnosis tools your office has to offer, and how to feel our best now and in 20 years.

Be Helpful

Be helpful and informative. Patients sense your honesty, authoritativeness, and expertise. People every day are searching for healthcare questions, symptoms, diagnosis methods, and treatments for their ailments. Provide the answers your future patients are looking for.

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