What Do All Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common?

As an entrepreneur, I took a look around my life the other day to really try and figure out how do you become a successful entrepreneur? I began thinking about what the most important things I do that brought me the current level of success I have.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a millionaire, or famous, or anything like that. But I have been able to start and scale a business to where I’m seen as an authority in my niche and people want to work with me.

More importantly, I build a life for myself that makes me happy. I wake up every day excited to get to work and I'm able to actually enjoy my life.

So, how do you become a successful entrepreneur? What does every entrepreneur success story in common?

They all spend time learning everyday and they invest in their business.

Never Stop Learning

Most successful entrepreneurs say they spend a good chunk of their time learning how to improve their skills. The world we live in today is truly amazing because we have all the answers in our hands with our phones.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, there are tons of great free ways to learn. I like reading business books, watching YouTube videos in my niche, listening to entrepreneurial podcasts, and consuming free content from other entrepreneurs.

[The caveat here is I always create before I consume, but that’s a topic for another day. Let me know if you want me to do another post on that. You can always DM on my Instagram @liz.copywriter.]

Now if you really want to level up in your business and be an entrepreneur success story, I highly recommend using paid content to learn. This can be a paid course, subscription, or membership.

You see, free content tells you what you need to be doing. Paid content really shows you HOW you can achieve your goals.

For example, in my own free content, I tell you that if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need a clear personal brand to attract your ideal clients. In my paid content I have SOO much more time to really guide you in HOW EXACTLY you can actually achieve a magnetic personal brand. I can have face to face contact with you where:

  • You’ll be able to ask me questions that should arise as you’re working on your brand

  • I can look over your work and offer insight

  • Ask you guiding questions to help you gain clarity in which direction you should be going in

Both types, free and paid forms, of learning are great and I do both simultaneously.

They Invest in Themselves and Their Business

If you really want to become a successful entrepreneur you will spend money to make more time. Time is more important to me than money. It’s really important where you invest both your time and money.

You should invest time and money into yourself and your business.


I value my time more than anything. If I notice I’m wasting time, I’m wasting life. This doesn’t mean all my time is spent working. I spend a good amount of time taking care of my body and my mental health, as well. This all went into creating my successful entrepreneur story.

At some point, this meant years of intensive therapy to determine the underlying factors that affected my actions. Now, that means daily yoga and meditation. It means rest. It means journaling. It means doing things that make me happy and sparks my creativity.

If you want to know more about the things successful entrepreneurs do every day check out this post where I go into detail of the things I do everyday.

I believe in a holistic approach to life and business. I want to make sure all aspects of my life are aligned with my core values and goals.

Paint your own picture of your best day ever. Write it down. And do that shit! Or at least, work toward that every day.


I make my money work for me. What does this mean? It means I use money as a tool to make more money or to make my life easier.

This means making decisions like "should I buy that new purse" or "should I invest in a business coach"? Only one of these will make me more money and make my life easier. Can you guess which one it is?

I know investing your hard earned money can seem scary. But it’s all about intuition. Find the coach, mentor, or course that feels right for you. Make sure this person gets you and understands where you’re at. Make sure they have the results you want.

So often I see people claiming to be able to help you reach a goal when they haven’t gotten there themselves. Do your research. Look for testimonials. Ask questions to find out if what they’re teaching is right for you.

The moral of the story is you get what you put out into the world. What you focus your attention on is what will grow.

So if you focus on your personal well-being and your business- these things will grow to help you build the life you want to live.

What You Need to Do Now

I’m all about actionable steps. What can you do today to become a more successful entrepreneur?

You can spend 15 minutes learning something new. Then go and invest some time in yourself and money into your business. You can spend all day consuming free content, but you’ll never get any depth or real results.

Free content helps you learn a strategy. Paid offers help you implement it. And once you have some skin in the game (aka your money) you’re so much more likely to win.

If you want to start NOW click here and you’ll get some free resources to learn from me and opportunities to work with me and become a successful entrepreneur and a client magnet in your business.

What are you waiting for? Go now! We’re in it to WIN it!

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