Why You Should Niche the Fuck Down... and How To Find Your Awesome Profitable Niche

Do you know the difference between a 6-figure business and having a few clients here and there? When most of them are nightmare clients. You spending your time doing work you don’t absolutely love. And making “eh” money for it.

It’s an awesome profitable niche!

Your niche is your specialty. It’s the one thing you’re awesome at and people KNOW to come to you for it.

Can you imagine doing your favorite thing for your clients and making a 6 figure business doing it?

Here’s what’s happening when you don’t niche down:

  • You’re confusing your audience because you do everything and they don’t know what to come to you for.

  • They’re leaving your page/website frustrated and confused because you didn’t tell them the ONE awesome thing you can do for their business or their life.

  • They don’t know what you’re amazing at. When you’re doing all the things you never actually become really good at one thing.

  • They have no idea what transformation you’re going to take them through.

  • You don’t come off as an expert.

  • And sorry (not sorry) you seem desperate when you do everyone for anyone.

But the good news it.... niching the fuck down will make you a dream client MAGNET!!!

When you have a clear niche you become the GO TO expert in that one thing.

When someone needs this one thing they think of YOU right away and they know you’ll be able to help them.

You start working inside your zone of genius, being able to give people what they NEED, and loving what you do!

Your dream client (you know, the one that is willing to pay your price and listen to your advice) is going to be saying “yaaaas girl, this is just the right thing for me!!!”

Your audience will start to trust you because you’re so knowledgeable on this topic that’s going to change their lives.

“Ok Liz, I get it, I need to niche down to be able to do work I love and get paid awesome sauce money for it! But how do I find a niche that’s profitable??”

I’m going to show you how. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. And be as SPECIFIC as possible.

I help [who] do [dream clients dream result] by [your zone of genius method] with out [dream clients pain points].

Boom! There you go! Remember be as specific as possible with each fill in the blank.

Don’t just say I help women. Say what kind of women you help! Are they moms, millennials, millennial moms, millennial moms with corporate jobs???

You get it.

And then to see if it's profitable see who else is doing what you do.

If you find a competitor in your niche... it’s probably profitable.

If you don’t... don’t worry yet. It may still be profitable if your audience says they need what you offer.

So go talk to them! Go find those millennial moms with corporate jobs and find out about their lives, their interests, their dreams, their pain points, and the results they dream of.

This will help you tweak your niche to actually help people, give them what they need, and do things that people will actually buy!

I hope that was helpful. If you want to know if your niche is specific enough you can always ask me @lizchelak on IG or email me!

I’m super chill, love chatting with you guys, and you don’t have to worry about me every trying to sell you something you don’t want.

If you want my help further in attracting your dream clients with out ever feeling salesy... just ask and I’ll tell you about some of my amazing offers.

If not... we can be IG friends, talk about life, and be each other’s biggest cheer leaders.

Love always,


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