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What if you knew that the offer you created was going to SELL?


What if you could start attracting dream clients?

Imagine if you stop feeling overwhelmed and start having FUN in your business?

Imagine having your own signature offer you can scale your business with.


Good news, that’s exactly what I’m here to help you with!

Create & SELL offers your dream clients need, love, and are excited to invest in

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I get it. You have something to offer th

Raise your hand if you’d love to attract your dream clients with ease and confidence.


You could spend more time with your family. And have more time to actually be a CEO and work on yourself and on your business (not only IN your business).


Because let’s be real… you didn’t start your business to still work FOR someone.


So why can’t you create a solid signature offer?


Why are you still convincing people to buy?


Why have you had so many failed lanches?


Don’t worry. I’m going to help you figure out just that. We’re going to create an offer your dream client NEEDS and is willing to pull out her wallet to buy.

Marketing coach helping make sales

That’s when I realized I had to make a change.

BUT it wasn't always like this...

I started my business as copywriter on my couch writing 100 cold emails a week.


I was not sure how to tell people what I do for them or why they need it.


I have no idea where my next client was going to come from.


I had zero confidence to show up every day and go after what I want.

After a certain point, I felt like I tried everything and nothing was working.

I knew I had to make a change.

I had to create a marketing strategy.


That’s when I finally discovered a way to create the thing that I KNEW my dream client was willing to pay for


And hey, my failures weren’t my fault… And it's not yours either.


No one teaches this stuff in school & coaches don't just give it away in their free content, either. 


I just didn’t know what to say and when to say it (yes, there’s an order to it) to make sales.


The real problem was that no one tells you how to actually market your offer. They just tell you to create your offer and talk about it. But that’s not enough! 


Once I realized I needed market research to create what my dream clients needed from me and a launch strategy, I started selling out my offers and actually helping people. And it all happened so fast.

Dear Dreamer,

You're about to hear a strange, but completely true story of how a waitress quit her job on New Years Day and developed a framework that now helps dozens of people create profitable businesses. 

It has the power to make anyone a client magnet in just 2 months.

In fact, I've used this framework to...

  • Create group programs, 1:1 offers, and courses that get my clients RESULTS


  • Have a structured where I know exactly what I need to be working on

  • Have a team of creative people working on my business with me

  • Help me feel confident because I know what I need to do to succeed

  • Show up confidently for myself and my business every single day


  • Communicate my value with complete clarity to SELL my offers

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I didn’t realize that having my marketing on point and making sales was also going to help me:

Be able to use these strategies to consistently scale my business to the income level I wanted

Spend more time being a CEO and working on myself and on my business


Take random spontaneous trips without my business falling apart


Spend more time with my family


Build the office of my dreams that allows me to be creative and do what I love!

Not only do you get access to me in eight 60 minute 1:1 sessions, but you also get my complete guidance and support Monday- Friday on Voxer.


You get all the resources, worksheets, video recordings, and notes you need to make sure you sell your offer.


The total value of all this is $4,300 because you get a high level of my support. AND tons of resources that worked for me and my clients to sell out our services.


If all this did was allow you to help one person, would it be worth it? (Hint, you can charge thousands for your services too and make your money back... if you market yourself correctly).


And I’m giving it all away ONLY until March 31st for just $2222. Or you can do 4 biweekly payments of $558.

ANDDDD it gets better, if you sign up before March 31st, you also get a FREE SOS coaching call whenever you need it!


This way you can start seeing results before you ever make the second payment.


But you have to act now because after March 31st the price is going UP.


Just imagine what your life will look like when you book out your services or sell out your program.


So pick the payment plan that works best for you and you’ll be IN your Zone of GENIUS. You'll start creating and selling an offer you know your dream client needs.


If you’re already signing up I’m going to immediately ask you what YOUR goals and for your business and we’ll get on a call in a few days and start creating & marketing your amazing offer.

Remember, when you join Zone of Genius you: 


  • Create the perfect offer your dream client is WILLING TO PAY FOR

  • Create content that SELLS

  • And say all the right things to get your dream client saying "where do I pay?!"

ONE payment of 2222


4 payments of 558


Hi, I'm Liz and I was just like you. (2)

Ready to scale your business with a signature offer and attract your dream clients? APPLY now to get $778 OFF!